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Support is ending for...

Support has


for Windows 8.
Since the 13th of January 2016 Microsoft stopped support for the OS. No security updates or patches will be issuesd for the operating system.
Simply put you must upgrade to Windows 8.1. Its free and is installed by going to the Windows App Store, search for Windows 8.1. and install.

Support is also ending for...

Support ends in

351 days

for Windows 8.1.
Microsoft mainstream suport ends on the 9th of January 2018 for Microsofts Windows 8.1. Like the operating systems before it, Microsoft will only provide security updates and patches after this date. Whether you're using Home or Pro, full support ends on January the 10th 2023.
Well, if you were one of those that upgraded to Windows 10, didn't like it so rollback to Windows 8.1, good news you can upgrade again to Windows 10 at no extra cost, as long as Microsoft still holds the activation info on its database.
If not, what it does mean is that any vulnerability found after this date will not be fixed by Microsoft, so third party solutions will have to be used. Keeping a good Security Package running at all times will be a must.
Another point is that Microsoft is not making new software specifically to run on Windows 8.1. So future software developed for Windows 10 may not work on the OS. Third party alternatives will have to be used or stick with older versions that may not be 100% compatible with the latest ones.
What it does not mean is that your Windows 8.1 operating system will stop working on this day.
Windows 8.1 will probably live on after Microsoft's support has ended, just like the previous systems before it. Windows 8.1 support will continue if third-party software makers continue supporting it. And they are only going to support it if Windows 8.1 users continue to buy their software.
For Microsoft it will be the end of yet another unpopular OS, or at least the nastie menu change to a Start Screen. But it does mean that all the resources spent on keeping the now old system running can now be utilized in other areas.
Microsoft wants all users of its old operating systems to abandon them and upgrade to its new Operating System, Windows 10. By doing this it will create new cash from its dead Operating Systems.