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How to restore a backup image in Windows 8.

A backup image of the operating system allows you to restore the system back to the point in which it was created. All the Windows updates, software and data on the system can all be backed up into an image to restore again should anything go wrong with the system. Find out more about creating an image here.
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Start the computer with the Windows 8 repair disc created at the time of making the backup image in the DVD drive.

You might have to select to boot to the DVD drive in the BIOS boot options.

When the computer begins to boot to the DVD drive, a message appears asking you to press any key to boot to the DVD. Press any key at this point.
Select your keyboard language.
On the next menu choose 'Troubleshoot'.
Next select 'Advanced options'.
Now choose 'System Image Recovery'.
On the next screen choose target OS Windows 8.
The software will now look for backup images.

If the wrong image is chosen you can change it by choosing 'Select a system image'.

Once the correct image is chosen, click 'Next'.
Leave all options as default and click 'Next'.
The next windows shows details of drive(s) to be restored.

Click 'Finish' to begin the process.
Finally verify that you want to go ahead with the restore by clicking 'Yes'.

Note: All data currently on the system will be removed.
The restore process can take some time.
Once complete the system restarts after 60 seconds.
Finally you'll be back at the Start Screen.
That's it, the restore is complete. The backup image can be used again and again as needed.