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Do you really need security software for your devices?

Security is a significant issue for users of Microsoft Windows. It is estimated that the vast majority of all malware is designed to target Windows systems specifically.
This is partly due to easily exploitable security flaws inherent in early versions of Windows but is also a symptom of Microsoft’s success. More malware (virus's) are created for the Windows computer simply because the windows operating system accounts for such a large percentage of all PCs on the planet.
Microsoft has made many improvements to the security of Windows over the years and continues to work hard to uncover and fix potential vulnerabilities. That’s why it’s vital to keep your PC up to date with all the latest bug fixes and improvements as soon as they are released.
Apple Mac systems have always been seen as the secure system compared to that of Windows systems, but there’s no excuse for complacency.
Apples OS-X operating system is built in a way that protects well against hackers gaining access to programs and system files. It's also true that there are far fewer viruses written for Apple computers, that does not mean there are none, as some Apple users would have you believe.
But if you own an Apple system and use the internet, then you are still open to many of the same issues that affect Windows PC users, including phishing, spam email, browser vulnerabilities and ID theft. And there’s no guarantee that malware won’t eventually affect Apple computers on a larger scale too.
Linux systems are very secure and again like Apple users they don’t have to worry about the same threats as Windows Users.
Linux users need to have antivirus programs on their systems, not to protect their Linux based systems from infections, but to protect their friends Windows systems, or that of their Windows systems on their network. This is because most virus infections are design to attack Windows and can’t do anything in a Linux based system other than spread to another system by email or data transfer.
With that in mind Linux users still have to worry about including phishing, spam email, browser vulnerabilities and ID theft.
So in answer to the question, do you need security software for your devices? Yes you do.
Which security software you need will depend on which operating system you are using. For Windows users, you need a full security suit. OS-X and Linux users, your main defence needs to be from phishing, spam and identity theft.