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I keep getting ask to choose a web browser.

The European Commission forced Microsoft to offer users of their OS a choice of programs to surf the internet. This is why we get the message asking us to choose a web browser.
Internet Explorer (IE) dominates the browser market because of its inclusion in Windows, the most widely-used PC operating system. Giving users this choice broadens the market for web browsers and boosts innovation in such software.
The choice is kept simple, the first 5 browsers are the most popular used in random order. The next 7 placed browsers are less well known but worthy of having listings. Simply click on the 'Install' button on the one you want to use, follow the install instructions and you're done.
Below shows the basics of what to do if the browser choice appears. This example is done on Windows 8, but the prinicples the same for all Microsofts operating systems. The main difference is that on Windows 8, IE app is run at startup, other Windows systems will run the browser choice from the desktop.
Note: Click on any picture below to see a larger image.
The browser choice appears when Windows loads after the update is installed.
A browser window opens showing a choice has to be made, click 'Continue' to begin.
Next all the top web browsers are displayed, select one, even if IE is the one you want, select to install it.

Follow the install instructions as required.

You can choose to make this decision later by clicking the 'Select later' button.
If you have selected IE, then the jobs done.

If you are also using Windows 8 then IE needs pinning back on the task bar. Follow on below.
Click the 'Pin it now' button.
Next right click anywhere on the screen. At the bottom right of the screen click on the spanner icon. Next click on 'View on the desktop'.
Finally, right click on the IE icon on the taskbar and select 'Pin this program to the taskbar'.
That's it the web browser choice has been completed.