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Fix the missing Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.

Internet Explorer 10 has been known to disappear from the start screen although the desktop version sometimes remains. The IE app seems to disappear when users choose a different web surfing program to IE.

There are two possible causes for this. Simply follow the instructions below to fix the issue.
Note: Click on any picture below to see a larger image.
Type 'Internet Explorer' at the Start Screen, if no app appears, then you'll prpbably need to follow all steps. If just the desktop version appears then you can jump to the next steps below.

Note: To tell the difference between the desktop app and the Start Screen (or Metro style) IE app just look at its colours. The Start Screen app is just blue and white, the desktop app is multicoloured.
Type 'Control Panel' at the Start Screen.
Click on the 'Control Panel' tile in the results.
A new window will now open on the desktop,
click on 'Programs'.
In the next window choose
'Turn Windows features on or off'.
Look down the list until you find Internet Explorer 10.
Now tick the box and click 'OK'.
Windows will now put IE10 back into the system.
You might need to restart the computer.
When the computer restarts,
type 'Internet Explorer' again.

If IE 10 Start Screen app appears click here to finish the job, otherwise continue on below.
OK IE is installed and working on the computer. Lets get the IE app working as well.

Go to the desktop and bring up the Charms bar, then select 'Settings'.
Now click on 'Control Panel'.
If not already selected, choose view by 'Small icons' in the top right corner.
Next select 'Default Programs'.
Now click on 'Set program access and computer defaults'.
Under custom, click on the down arrow to show all settings.
Under Choose a default web browser, select 'Internet Explorer'.
Now click on 'OK' to finish.
On the Start Screen search for 'Internet Explorer' again.
In the results, right click on Internet Explorer.
If necessary click on 'Pin to Start'.
That's it IE10 app is now back on the Start Screen.