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Support is ending for...

Support has


for Windows XP.
Microsoft will cease all support of its most successful operating system Windows XP, in all its variants in just over a year. Whether you're using XP Home, Pro, Media Center Edition or the Tablet Edition, support ends on April the 8th 2014.
Well, what it does mean is that any vulnerability found after this date will not be fixed by Microsoft, so third party solutions will have to be used. Keeping a good Security Package running at all times will be a must.
What it does not mean is that your XP operating system will stop working on this day.
Windows XP is expected to live long after Microsoft's support has ended. XP will continue if third-party software makers continue supporting it. And they are only going to support it if XP users continue to buy it.
For Microsoft it will be the end of its most popular OS. But it does mean that all the resources spent on keeping an old system running can now be utilized in other areas.
Microsoft wants all users of XP to abandon it and upgrade to one of its new Operating Systems currently that’s Windows 8. By doing this it will create new cash from its dead Operating System.