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How to get into Safe Mode in Windows 8.

Microsoft has made a huge change to its latest OS Windows 8. Getting into 'Safe Mode' isnt as easy as pressing F8 at startup any more.
Note: Click on any picture below to see a larger image.
Open the charms bar and select 'Settings'.
Next click on 'Change PC Settings' at the bottom.
On the PC Settings window that appears select 'General'.
On the right side menu scroll down to 'Advanced startup'.

Click on 'Restart Now'.
Windows will now reboot into a repair environment.

Select 'Troubleshoot'.
Next select 'Advanced options'.
Now select 'Startup settings'.
Now hit the 'Restart' button.

You will now be presented with a slightly more familiar menu.

Hit the relevant number you need, here its 4.
The system will now boot up into Safemode.
Note: This is a 1 time event, if you want to get into safemode again, you will have to go through these steps again.