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How do I get my emails in Windows 8.

Microsoft has made a huge change to the windows GUI (Graphic User Interface) in Windows 8. Within the new Start Screen, Microsoft has included a new Mail app for emails, however it only supports Microsoft and Google accounts.

So what do you do if you have neither, the answer is to install Windows Live Mail, an add on to Windows, traditionally this has been pre-installed by Manufacturers, but does not appear to be in Windows 8.
Below we show you how to get up and running...

You can start the download process by going to 'windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/essentials-home' and clicking on 'Download now'
or from this site click here to start the download.

Note: Click on any picture below to see a larger image.
Click on the 'Download now' button.
Choose 'Save as' and save the installer to the desktop.
Once the program has downloaded, you can close the web browser.

Next double click on the program to start the installer.
The UAC will popup, click on 'Yes' to continue.
You will now be presented with an option, install the Live Essential programs or select only install the programs you want.

I've chosen 'install the programs I want'.

Note: You may be presented with a message saying you need to install a dot net framework before you can continue. If this happens, simply follow the on-screen instructions. After the dot net framework installs you will need to restart the computer. Simply restart the computer then start again by double clicking on the installer on the desktop.
If you have selected the same, you will now get a list of available programs to install. Tick the boxes of any desired programs.

For the point of this exercise I have only selected 'Mail', but you can select which ever programs you require.

Click on 'Install' to begin the installation of the chosen programs.
Depending on how many programs were selected and the internet connection speed, this may take some time to complete.
Once the installation completes, click on 'Restart Now'.
Once the computer restarted, type 'Live mail' into the search of the Start Screen to bring up the program.

Here if you right click on the Tile you can attach it to the Start Screen.
Click on the Windows Live Mail tile to start the program.

Agree to the Microsoft Licence to continue.
Next put in your email details and click 'Next'.

Note: If you have a common email account the program may fill in the server settings for you.
Finally right click on the Mail program on the Taskbar and select 'Pin to taskbar' and the program will be 1 click away whenever you are working on the desktop.
Thats it, you now have a mail program you can use.