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Why should I backup my data?

Personal Data is information, documents, photos, etc that are owned or about an individual.
In computing terms, a backup or the process of backing up is making copies of data which may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. In short having more than 1 copy of something.
Backups have two distinct purposes. The primary purpose is to recover data after loss, be it by data deletion or corruption. The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time.

There are many things that can cause data loss in this high-tech world, from hardware failure to virus infections. If anything was to go wrong with a computer, the valuable personal data could be lost. But if a backup is made of all the personal data, it can be retrieved at any time.
There are many options for data backup:
Cds or DVDsCds and DVDs are a good low cost option if the data to be backed up is only a few GBs (gigabytes) in size. Writeable DVDs are very fragile compared to DVD movie discs and have an average lifespan of around 5 years. If using DVDs for backup, it is recommended to keep them in a cool, dry and dark place to extend lifespan.
On another partition on the internal hard-drive.An okay option, data is duplicated. If there should be a virus infection and the system needs to be restored personal data should be safe. But if the hard-drive fails all the data on all the partitions is lost.
USB stick or External Hard-drive.A great option for keeping all your data backup together. It’s not a question of, if a hard-drive fails but when. But there’s very little chance in them both failing at the same time, unless there is a disaster at the premises.
Cloud backup.Another great option, backing up to the internet has some additional advantages. Being able to access your data from almost anywhere. Data is safe from home disasters.

Should your computer be stolen but not wiped the their could backup his/her stuff without knowing and incriminate themselves.

The only drawback, if there's a lot of data to backup initially it will take a while to complete the upload to the Cloud.
I personally recommend having both the cloud backup and an external hard-drive backup together. The cloud backup with all its advantages, but with add security of knowing there's a contingency should something happen to the cloud backup.
That's it for this article, now isn't it time you got round to that backup you've been putting off.