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How much memory can I put in a computer?

There are 2 parts to successfully answer this question correctly.
Firstly the hardware there are a lot of different types of memory to choose from and if you buy the wrong stuff, you've wasted your money, it wont work.
Luckily there are alot of great tools on the web to help, the one I use is 'crucial.com' which is web based...
Click here to visit their website. At their website you can...
Choose to select the brand and model of your system to get the memory type.
Or choose to have the website scan your computer to get the memory type.

There's plenty of help using the website to scan your computer as well, including a video if you need aditional support.
Now you know what the memory type you need is and the maximum amount of memory you can install.

Note: If the website scanned your computer it will tell you how much memory you currently habe installed as well. If you chose to select brand and model, it'll tell you what was originally installed.
Secondly the OS different operating systems can handle different amounts of memory, regardles of what is actually installed. review the table below...
Maximum memory useable in the OS.
OSVersion32 bit64 bit
XPStarter512 MBN/A
XPHome4 GB *128 GB
XPProfessional4 GB *128 GB
VistaStarter1 GBN/A
VistaHome Basic4 GB #8 GB
VistaHome Premium4 GB #16 GB
VistaBusiness4 GB #128 GB
VistaEnterprise4 GB #128 GB
VistaUltimate4 GB #128 GB
Windows 7Starter2 GBN/A
Windows 7Home Basic4 GB #8 GB
Windows 7Home Premium4 GB #16 GB
Windows 7Professional4 GB #192 GB
Windows 7Enterprise4 GB #192 GB
Windows 7Ultimate4 GB #192 GB
LinuxAll Distros4 GB1 TB
* Due to the way memory is allocated in 32bit systems and the older hardware installed, having 4GB of memory will not make the full amount available to Windows. Normally only 2.5GB to 2.75GB of memory is usable in Windows.

# Due to the way memory is allocated in 32bit systems, installing 4GB may only give between 3GB and 3.5GB of usable memory in Windows.
Using the information you have gathered you can safely go out and buy your memory.
That's it for this guide.