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What’s a dongle?

The original dongle (computer related ‘dongle’) was a small piece of hardware that plugged into a computer and worked as an electronic key or security key for a piece of software. If the dongle was not connected to the computer the software would not run. Their main use was for copy protection.
These days the term ‘dongle’ has come to mean any small USB device that connects to a computer. If you are after getting a dongle, it’s best to know exactly what type of dongle you need.
Also known as USB memory sticks. For storing data on the move, or to transfer data from one computer to another. They come in all shapes, sizes, novelties and storage capacity.
For giving a laptop or netbook the ability to access the internet anywhere. It connects to a wireless broadband signal like a mobile phone, giving the computer internet access. Just like mobile phones, coverage can vary depending on area, so it’s worth checking the coverage from the different mobile broadband providers where you are most likely to use dongle.
Bluetooth dongles can vary hugely in size from a large stick coming out of the side of the computer, too an adaptor that almost fits inside the USB plug. All having the same job, allowing Bluetooth enabled devices to connect with the computer. The different adaptors can have different ranges normally giving in metres.
Wi-Fi USB adaptors again can differ in size and shape, from a small stick to a large aerial. These devices make a computer wireless, for connecting to a home router or to a hotspot while out and about. Most laptops have wireless cards inside, but if they fail, Wi-Fi dongles are a cheap alternative to replacing an expensive internal one.
That’s it, you now know 'dongles'.