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Replacing your keyboard or mouse?

Firstly there are 2 different types of port still around today for connecting keyboards and mice.
1) The PS2 port, usually green for mouse and purple for keyboard.
2) The USB port, any port will do.
The USB is now the most common connector on keyboards and mice. If you are wanting to connect an external keyboard and mouse to a laptop, then you’ll need a keyboard and mouse with the USB connector as 99% of laptops don’t have PS2 ports.
If you’re wanting to replace your desktops keyboard and mouse, the first thing you should do is check to see what connectors your PC has. If your PC has the PS2 ports (see picture above) then any keyboard or mouse you buy will work on your PC.
Old and proven standard and therefore has support of manufacturers.Plug and Play Ready, (plug it in, once the system has detected it and installed driver, it works).
Will work straight away, no need for driver install.
Not plug and play.Some operating systems may not have the right USB drivers available during installation causing problems.
It must be connected before computer is switch on.Some operating systems just won't work with USB keyboards or mice.
Some keyboards and mice will come with an adaptor to be able to connect the device with either connection. If you have a keyboard or mouse with the wrong connection there are adaptors out there you can buy to make them work.
PS2 to USB adaptor.USB to PS2 adaptor.
Note: The above adaptors are for reference only, as the adaptors can come in lots of shapes and sizes.
It might just be a keyboard or mouse you’re after, but did you know you can get keyboards and mice for just about any purpose.
There are multimedia keyboards that have a touchpad.
Or multimedia keyboards that have mini joysticks added, so you can move the cursor while resting the keyboard on your lap.
What about a mouse that doubles up as a remote presenter, for those big office presentations.
Or a trackball mouse, you move/roll the ball instead of the mouse.
Wired simply means that the device is connected directly to PC with a cable.

Wireless means the device (keyboard and/or mouse) connects to a receiver wirelessly. The receiver may have a cable to connect it to the PC, or a small stick plugging into a connection port (PS2 or USB). There are also different types of wireless: Bluetooth, infrared (must have line of sight) and radio (most common wireless technology).
That’s it, you know all you need to get your new keyboard and/or mouse.