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Which is the best anti-virus or security package?

I'm often asked this simple question. However the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. There are many things to consider, which package has the highest virus/malware detections, which scans the fastest, which doesn’t harm the overall performance of your system and many others depending on what you want.
My main reference for how well security packages are doing comes from a selection of websites and personal experience. By compiling the results from different websites, it gives me a clearer view of which packages are out performing the rest. And seeing how a computer that I’m working on is running with a particular package.
The 'Security Package' testing sites I use are:
www.av-comparatives.org click here to go to their home page.
www.av-test.org click here to go to their home page.
www.antivirusware.com click here to go to their home page.
The top 3 security packages that continually do well from the above sites, in no particular order are:
BitDefenderclick here to go to BitDefenders home page.
Kasperskyclick here to go to Kasperskys home page.
Nortonclick here to go to Nortons home page.
Now if you're asking for a personal recommendation, the answer is Norton. It started out a very bad piece of software, causing problems for alot of users, who have been very unforgiving towards the software. But over the last few years its continued to develop and become one of the best around. Its fast, its light on system resources and it gets the job done. It does not deserve the reputation of its past.
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