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Backup your files with Free File Sync.

Windows 10 has a great built in backup program called 'File History'. But what if you aren't running Windows 10, well a great alternative is 'Free File Sync'.

It can be downloaded and setup with ease.

Below we'll take you through the download, install and setup of the software.

Firstly visit freefilesync.org by clicking here to download the software.
2) Click on the download button on the page.

Next clicking on the relavent installer to download the software, in our case the Windows installer.
Now open the folder where the install file downloaded.

Double click on the file to start the install.

If the UAC or a Security window appears click 'Yes' or 'Run' to allow the installer to start.

Accept the agreement.
Click 'Next' to continue.

Leave the destination folder as is.
Again click 'Next'.

Next you get a picture of an animal rather than an ad.
And again click 'Next' to continue.

Finally click 'Finish' as the software is now installed.

Two desktop icons will appear for FileSyn, Right click on the red icon.
Select 'Delete' from the drop down menu that appears.

Click 'Yes' to confirm the delete.

First, lets sort out our backup folders.
Open 'Windows Explorer'.

Now click on 'Computer', to show connected storage devices. In this case its our 'USB Harddrive'.
Double click on your storage device to open.

Click on 'New Folder' to create a storage folder for our backups.
We are calling this folder 'Backups'.

Now open the backups folder by double clicking.
And using the 'New folder' button again create your backup folders. In this case we are backing up our Documents and Pictures folders, so have create those folders.

Now just a note: You will find your Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos folders in the Libraries folder (quick links) but they are physically stored on the C drive, in the Users folder. Depending on your account name, will depend on which folder is found next. In this case our user account is 'Owner'. Within the user account folder is the actual folders we will be backing up.

Ok, lets start the software and configure it, now we have all the files and folders we need.
First, click on the 'Browser' button to set our first folder to backup.

Navigate to the folder to backup, in this case, its the Documents folder, then click on 'Select Folder'.

Next, click on the second 'Browser' button.

Navigate to the backup folder, in this case, its the Documents folder on the backup USB Harddrive, then click on 'Select Folder'.

Now click on the green cog and choose 'Update'. This will make FileSync only backup changed or new files.

Ok, if you have any other backup folders click the plus icon and do the same again as above. Navigate and setup the folder to backup and store. (Do this as many times as needed.)

Click on the 'Compare' button and the folders will be checked for differences.

Finally click on the 'Synchronize' button to complete the backup process. Depending on how much data there is to backup will determine how long it takes to backup.

Once complete, simply hit close, your backup is complete.

When you're finished close the program, you setting will remain. When you feel you need to make a backup simply start the program and hit 'Synchronize', once its finished, close the program, you backup will be updated and that's it.