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Are your photos duplicated on your system?

Is your computer filled with photos from your digital camera or mobile phone?

Like me, I bet you have duplicates stored on your machine. If I come across photos on a memory card that I need to use, rather than check if I have already downloaded them to the computer, I simply copy them to the computer again.

What I found when trying to sort my photos out is that I havent just duplicated them once or twice but three and four times. I know I like to keep backups but thats just disorganized.

AllDup is a great freeware program to remove all those duplicates (not just photos, any type of files) and regain some of that lost storage space.

Firstly visit www.alldup.de by clicking here to download the software.
Click on the download button at the top of the page.

From the drop down menu that appears click on AllDup.

Scroll down the page until you see the download links. Click on any of the available links to start the download.
The file isn't large, so wont take long to down load.

With the file downloaded to your computer, open the files location, normally this is your download folder. Then double click on the program installer to start the install.
If the UAC window appears click 'Yes' to allow the installer to start.

Select your language and click 'OK'.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Agree to the license and again click 'Next'.

And again click 'Next' to continue.

Leave the destination folder as it is and click 'Next' again.

Again leave the default as it is and click 'Next'.

Leave the shortcuts for all users, unless you only want easy access to the software for your user account. Again click 'Next'.

Here you can integrate the software into Windows more by selecting additional bits. Click 'Next' when your ready.

Finally click 'Install'.

That's it. The software is now installed. If you wnat to have ago now, leave the box ticked, if not, untick the box before clicking on the 'Finish' button.

Before we begin, this software can find duplicates of any files, but here we are only interested in photos.

OK firstly start AllDup, a shortcut should be on your desktop.
It can look quite complicated when it starts, but don't panic.

First click on the 'Source Folders'. From the drop down menu click on 'Add folder'.

Now navigate to where your photos are stored. It doesn't have to be the main folder, for example if you have photos on your desktop and in your documents as well as your photos folder then select each or just select your user account folder which can be found on the 'C:' drive, then in the 'Users' folder.

Next click on 'Search Method'.
Now we need to select 'Similar Pictures' in the Comparison Criteria. Next we are only interested in exact matches change the 'Match' to 100%.

And to begin click on 'Start Search'.
The software will now search through all your selected folders looking for matches. This process could take a while, depending on how many files there are.

Once its finished you will be presented with its findings in an easy to read table.
Here its found 40 duplicate files, 20 individual photos duplicated twice.

To remove 1 copy of each of the duplicates, simply click on 'Select' and from the drop down menu click on 'Select all files, except the first file'.

Now to remove the duplicates, click on 'Search Results' and then from the drop down menu, click on File Manager - Delete, copy, move or rename'.

If you are like me and want to move them to the recycle bin, just in case of a mistake, Click on 'Move files to the Windows Recycle Bin' and then click 'OK'..

You may get a message about deleting Windows files (never delete Windows files) and click on 'Yes' to continue.

The process of deleting wont take long.
Click 'OK' when completed message appears.

That's it, you can now close the program, your photos are now cleared of any duplicates.