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Enlarge a picture or photo without loosing quality.

Have you got a photo or picture thats just too small. Every time you try to enlarge it, it gets more and more pixelated or blurry? Well the problem has been vanquished by Reshade with their Image Resizer software.

Reshade Image Resizer used to cost £100+ but is now freeware, meaning you get a high quailty program at a fantastic price.

The software isnt complicated to use and the default setting will work for most, and if not they can easily be customized to suit.

Firstly visit reshade.com by clicking here to download the software.
Click on the download button to get the program. You can now also close the web browser window.

The download should start if not click on the 'click here' link in the window that appears.

With the file downloaded to your computer, open the files location, normally this is your download folder. Then double click on the program installer to start the install.
If the UAC windows appears click on 'Yes' to allow the installer to begin.

Leave the default destination folder and click on 'Next'.

Now click on 'Install'.

The install doesn't take long, click 'Next' when done.

That's it. The software is now installed. If you wnat to have ago now, leave the box ticked, if not, untick the box before clicking on the 'Finish' button.

On the left we have a photo of a Koala magnified around the eye unit it starts to pixelate.

On the right we have the same photo enlarged x10 using the software. Then magnified again around the eye until it becomes pixelate. What you're seeing is the pupil of the eye.


OK firstly start Reshade Image Resizer, appears as Reshade in your programs list.
You may get some questions the first time you run the program, click on 'Yes' or 'No' depending on your preferences.

If you selected 'Yes' for updates, it's a good idea to select 'Yes' for the Windows Firewall too.

Reshade has a photo already loaded in when it starts, you can play around with that or load one of your own photos.

Click on 'File', then 'Open'.

Now navigate to your picture or photo to enlarge. As you can see I have chosen to work on the Koala photo.
Simply click on your chosen photo (or picture) and click 'Open'.

Now to enlarge your photo, see the arrow next to Width, simply click and hold on the arrows, now move the mouse away and the image will start to enlarge. Let go of the mouse when you have the desired size.

Here I have enlarged the photo 1000%, which is x10 the original.

To save it, click on 'File' and the 'Save As', this way you will keep the original image as well.

Now give it a different name, in this case, I have called it 'Koala-xlarge', then click on 'Save'.

The enlarged image will now be created and saved, depending on your system and image size, this process can take a little while.

Once the image has been successfully created click on 'Close'.
Repeat for any other photos to enlarge.

When you're finished, if you have made any changes to the settings you will be offered the option of save these settings.

This is the original Koala photo, enlarged around the eye until it becomes pixelated.

This is the enlarged Koala photo, showing the same image, no pixelation yet.

This is the enlarged Koala photo, enlarged around the eye until it becomes pixelated, its zoomed in on the pupil.