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How to transfer large files of any size over the web.

Have you ever wanted to send a large file, a video, a group of photos in an email and found it would not go? Its usually because the file is too large to send.

Well now you can, simply send a secure link using the software below and whom ever you give the link to, can down load the file. Your computer will need to be left switched on until the file has been downloaded, but theres no need to upload it to a cloud service.

The software is called 'FileDirect' produced by O&O Software is a small and easy to use piece of freeware software.

Firstly visit www.oo-software.com by clicking here to download the software.
Then click on the download button to the right of the page.

Wait for the installer file to download.
Once the file has downloaded, click on run if the option is there (depends on the web browser you use), else navigate to your downloads folder and double click on the 'OOFileDirect1ENU.exe' file tom start the install.

Click on 'Yes' if the UAC window appears.

Click on 'Next' to start the installer setup.

Agree to the End User License by ticking the box, then click 'Next'.

Now, the installation is small so I suggest installing the full program by clicking on 'Complete'.

Finally click on 'Install'.

The install process doesn't take long.

Once the install completes, press 'Finish'.

Close any left open windows, thats it File Direct is now installed.

=====> Send your files from here to there =====>

OK firstly start the O&O FileDirect software.

Now move the O&O FileDirect software window over to the right of the screen.
Now open File Explorer.

Navigate to where your file you want to share is at.

Now click and hold on the file you want to share and move the curser over to FileDirect before letting go.
A link to the shared file is now created.

If you want more options on sharing, click on the 'More settings' button.

With more settings visible, you can choose how long the file is available for and if you want to password protect it.
With all settings sorted its time to send the link to the receiver. Click the copy buttom, then paste it into an email or message to your contact or contacts.
Note:The computer and the software must stay open until the file is downloaded.

All the reciever has to do is click on the link in the email or message, or paste the link into a web browser (but not Edge as its not currently supported) and the link will appear.
They then just need to click on the 'Download' button.

The download will the start, depending on internet speed and the size of the file, will depend on how long it takes.

And that's it, repeat for each file you want to share.

If you have a lot of files you wish to share, you can group all the files together into 1 file. See the article on 'Archive or bundle files together'.