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Preloved IT for Sale

Preloved IT for Sale.

Have you got an unused computer, laptop or tablet? Don't know what to do with it? Why not sell it threw us. For a small fee we will market your item and once its sold we'll give you the cash.

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All product images are actual photos.
(0000219) Laptop-Tablet 2710p £ 60.00Photo of Laptop-Tablet 2710p.Photo 2 of Laptop-Tablet 2710p.
Description: HP laptop running Windows 10 32bit. Has an Intel dual core processor with 3GB Ram and a 60GB hard drive.
Screen can turn round and laptop can be used like a tablet with included stylus.
It has 2 USB ports, webcam, VGA, LAN, and Wifi.

System has had data cleanse.
Software installed, Libre Office, Chrome and Comodo Internet Security.

Notes: Mains needs to be plugged in at all times.

Experience Index-
Processor - 6.0 . . . . Memory (RAM) - 6.0
Hard drive - 4.1. . . . Desktop graphics - 3.2
Photo 4 of Laptop-Tablet 2710p.Photo 5 of Laptop-Tablet 2710p.Photo 6 of Laptop-Tablet 2710p.
(0000211) RM Laptop £ 45.00Photo of RM Laptop.Photo 2 of RM Laptop.
Description: Laptop updated to Windows 10 Home 32bit. Has an Intel dual core processor with 2GB Ram and a 80GB hard drive.
It has 3 USB ports, VGA, LAN, Wifi, DVD Rom and an SD Card Reader.

Additional software installed, Office 2010 H & S, Adobe Reader, Chrome with safe surfing apps.

Includes charger and bag.
Note: Battery doesnt last long.

Experience Index-
Processor - 6.5 . . . . . . . Memory (RAM) - 5.5
Primary hard drive - 4.8. Desktop graphics - 3.4
Photo 4 of RM Laptop.Photo 5 of RM Laptop.
(0000209) Advent PC £ 100.00Photo of Advent PC.Photo 2 of Advent PC.
Description: Desktop PC, AMD triple core 2.30GHz processor, 3GB ram, 320GB hard drive. Running Windows 10 Home 64bit.

Additionally installed Office 2007 Home & Student, VLC video player, Chrome browser and Comodo Internet Security.

Keyboard, mouse and power lead included.

Experience Index-
Processor - 7.9 . . . . . . . Memory (RAM) - 5.9
Primary hard drive - 5.9. Desktop graphics - 3.9
Photo 4 of Advent PC.
(0000158) Denver 7 £ 45.00Photo of Denver 7.Photo 2 of Denver 7.
Description: Denver Electronics tablet, running Android 4.4. Quad core with 8GB storage and 512MB RAM.

Comes with box, USB cable and charger.
Photo 4 of Denver 7.Photo 5 of Denver 7.
(0000097) Xerox XA7-17i Monitor £ 16.00Photo of Xerox XA7-17i Monitor.Photo 2 of Xerox XA7-17i Monitor.Photo 3 of Xerox XA7-17i Monitor.
Description: Xerox 17" LCD square monitor.
Native resolution 1280x1024.
DVI-A 23 pin combined input.
Includes input cable and power lead.